They say that two little birds descended from heaven.

One bird had feathers white as snow, while other had feathers dark as night.

After soaring the high winds, they perched together in the highest tree that towered over the Earth.

One evening, the Raven opened its mouth and black smoke spewed out of its beak. The smoke grew into a thick fog that devoured the whole Earth, preventing any sunlight to peak through.

Within the darkness, the Earth groaned as plagues, corruption, lies, and death took over.

After a while, the Dove then opened her mouth, and a shot of light beamed through the darkness, bringing healing, hope, joy, and happiness.

The Raven was unhappy that the Dove was undoing everything he did, so he tackled the Dove, pecking at her glossy wings.

The Dove defended herself, and the two fought a long battle. Eventually then the Raven grew weak, and light persevered.

Thus, the Raven flew away in defeat while the Dove remained and became the Earth’s Ruler.

Other than writing serials, Amelia also writes novels, poetry, essays and blogs.