Fight the System, Not Each Other

Disclaimer: This essay was written and was first published on Wattpad in 2020 from my “A Black Opinion” blog. Therefore, it will not acknowledge the current state of the world. Regardless, this essay has an important message that could be a logical step forward for the world to make the changes needed to address the issue of racism. The same issue that has stained our world for far too long.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

When I created this blog, I wanted to not only share my opinion on Black issues but also become a megaphone for those issues.

I believe that Black issues have been severely disadvantaged due to the lack of media coverage. It is only when a martyr is formed do people care. It is only when it’s Black History Month do people celebrate. It’s only when an injustice is caught on camera do people take notice; otherwise, Black issues are at the bottom of the news pile.

I haven’t changed my opinion. Because it’s true.

Yet upon reading some of my posts, did I realize that racism isn’t just the oppressive majority abusing the minority based on their skin, it is a war. In this case, a war between the “Whites” and the “Blacks.”

As a student of history, I am a huge fan of narratives. How narratives are formed, distorted or destroyed over time always have piqued my interest.

However, it has never occurred to me how with this book I am supporting this narrative of the war between “Whites and “Blacks.”

To my defense, it seems like the most obvious, even natural thing to do when it comes to fighting for Black issues. With “Blacks” having the shorter end of the stick, and “Whites” being the dominant race; it’s easy to write an article, painting “Blacks” as victims and “Whites” as evil people. This was the social order when slavery and segregation were apparent. “Blacks” were treated as property and “Whites” were treated like kings as masters of the slaves. Therefore, it almost seems natural that this is how we should be fighting when it comes to black issues.
However, that fact it seems so natural is why it is terrifying.

Yet I love white people. I have so many friends who are American or have a white background and they arr pretty great people.

Since the beginning of this year, though, racism has never seemed so overt. Everywhere you look, racism is spoken of. “Blacks” are tired of it and are demanding the White majority to stop being racist. As a result, fueling this narrative of “Blacks” against “Whites.” Victims against oppressors.

This narrative works well for people to feel sympathetic to blacks or for blacks to feel empowered, encouraging each other to keep on fighting the good fight.

Yet, does it have to be a fight? Why must we take our anger against people who were born with lighter skin and a history of being horrible masters when most of their decedents have taken our side? When we speak of this racial war, we are condemning whites to fit one stereotype. That “Whites” are evil people.

The truth is, the majority of “Whites” are good people and are willing to admit when something is wrong. Just look at how many Italians, British, Scottish, American, Canadians and other Europeans have raised their banners in the streets, filled their Instagram feed black, and spoken out on Facebook at the horror of Police brutality. They have removed the wool from their eyes and are taking action. Even other races are speaking up. The whole world is waking up.

For years we have been going about this racism issue, believing that it’s the Whites who are to blame. It may be true in a historical sense, but racism is no longer just a war between “Whites” and “Blacks” it is a war against a system.

So what is this “System” I speak of? Well, to put it plainly, it is a human-made structure that is based on biases and social preconceptions. This structure is then the foundation that society builds our governmental system, our educational system, culture, economy and everything that our society consist of.

This human-made a system that needs to be destroyed by humans. Because racism does not just affect Blacks, it affects everyone. There are other races and ethnicity that experience discrimination because of their skin. Even “Whites” get affected due to minorities taking matters into their own hands and committing violence against people just because their skin is associated to evil oppressors.

There has been a growing concern in the US that another racial war like the Civil War of 1861 is in the nation’s future. With Blacks seeking revenge and White Supremacists defending their supremacy.

If it ever were to happen, it will be a long, bloody battle based on hatred and fear.

This is why we need to stop fighting each other and fight the racist system.
Too many lives have been lost already.

But how can we fix something that is the foundation of how we live? How do we change something that impacts every aspect of our lives?

By changing the one thing that is at the core of our society, our minds.

Our minds are very powerful. They contain our biases, and preconceptions, on the basis of thought. It also contains our collective thoughts, what concepts that our society influences us through our culture. You might be wondering what in the world am I blabbering about, after all, isn’t it the law that needs changing? That The government needs to be fixed? That the educational system that is flawed?

Yes, and no.

Behind every law is a thought. Someone came up with a biased idea to pass a law.

Behind every government is an official who is a flawed individual who is filled with biases.

Behind every educational system is a flawed society that is influenced by culture based on norms and ideals.

Society may be made up of many people, but when it comes to influence, it always starts with one individual, one idea. Then the popular and famous ones then take that idea and quickly make it viral. Eventually it becomes the norm and form into a bias that the majority influences the remaining individuals to conform to the norm.

It may take millions of people over who knows how many years to get rid of it, but it always starts with one. One individual, one idea, one spark to ignite the fire.

Together with our renewed minds, we can change things. We the people have the power to change the way things are run. We have the power to vote sensible people into power. We have the ability to stand up when things are wrong. Changing our minds on things like discrimination may ease society onto the right path, but it definitively is not the solution to this issue. That solution is tied with overdue action. Action that we the people must take. Action that all of us, “White”, “Black” and every race in between must do together.

Other than writing serials, Amelia also writes novels, poetry, essays and blogs.