Capitol Hill: White Privilege At its Finest

This essay was written and was first published on Wattpad from my “A Black Opinion” blog.

The Business Insider

After Electoral College decided that it was Biden won the election by a landslide, Trump incited his supporters to protest.
They marched down Capitol Hill, waving confederate flags, guns, bombs and claiming
“Blue Lives Matter”, before breaching into the Capital Building.

It takes one sane person to understand that these people are not protestors. They are not here because they are fighting for something. They are fighting against something.
They are spoiled children who did whatever their fascist leader Trump wanted to do. Due to his lies, he managed to bring people all over the states to Capitol Hill during a pandemic to what? Loot the Capitol Building, climb its walls, take photos . It’s like watching an unsanctioned field trip gone wrong.

But the worst part was not the fact they threw a tantrum on what was supposed to be the most secured building in the country, but the fact they actually got inside through the help of the police.

Now, as a Canadian, I am very much aware of the fact that American spends billions of tax money on the military, on security.
Try going through the airport with illegal things and you will be caught.
In fact, back in July we all saw the power of military as they stood in the peaceful BLM protestors' way. These people were asking for systematic change, yet they were teargassed, shot at and beaten up by police.

Flash forward to the first week of the new year.
Trump supporters have now broken into the Capital Building , a building that had not been broken into since the War of 1812.
And what was the response?
They were let inside.
No police or military were called as a precaution when they revealed their plans on Twitter.
A group of ordinary people with guns managed to take over.
It’s only later when officials start coming in.

It’s White Privilege at its finest.

You want to know the stark difference between Blacks and Whites in America?
One was shot at for asking for change, the other was allowed to waltz into most secure building in America after their leader lost an election.

Americans may not know everything about their history, but they do know that they are one of the oldest democracies in the world.
They fight for rights and individual freedom. The power lies not in the government rather in the people. It’s the people who vote for change. And it doesn’t matter if it’s black or white, because we are all people.
But in 2021, one of the core pillars of democracy has begun to crumble.

Political Scientists say that democracy is dying.
It only works when everyone agrees to work together.
However, for the past few decades, claims of voter fraud has led to the distrust of elections, and by extension, distrust of the government.

I was scrolling down through TikTok when I came across this lady from Tennessee claiming it was a revolution.

Sure a coup d’état, I would believe, but a revolution?
As a historian, I only heard of revolutions in textbooks and dystopian fiction.
I never thought I would live to hear the word being said in a modern context.

Believe me when I say, you don’t want a revolution. The pandemic has already disabled the world, and it looks like we are seeing signs of healing. To have a revolution in this time would lead to the destruction of the country, even worse, democracy.

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