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They used to say that a Raven’s intelligence was reflected by the enchanting white feathers he had.

Pure and smart, Ravens were the wisest of all the birds.

And the wisest white Raven was Alba.

Alba was known to travel the world. With his keen eyes, he saw the true beauty of nature. From gurgle of the river, to the tight nook of the highest branches.

He would always return to the flock, sharing the wisdom he learned from the hardworking ants to the teamwork of wolves.

Everyone praised him for his stories. It wasn’t long before the explorer’s pride went to his head.

Alba was no longer interested in the simple stories of nature, he wanted to go to places no raven ever been to.

One day Alba was perched in a Plum tree, thinking of a place to venture when the sun shone in his eyes. Irritated, Alba lifted his wings to shield his eyes from the harsh light.

Suddenly, it hit him: “The Sun! No one has ever been there!” Alba’s best friend Sirus who perched beside him gave him a nervous squawk.

“Its far to dangerous!” Sirus warned him. Alba only cocked his head.

“Have you been to the sun?” He asked. Sirus ruffled his feathers, hot with shame.

“No.” He finally said. Albus puffed his breast mockingly.

“Then your assumption of danger is foolish.” Alba chirped. “I’m going to the Sun, and you can’t stop me.”

Albus spread out his wings before jumping into the air. Flapping his wings, he took off towards the Sun. With every beat of his wings, he flew higher,

and higher,

and higher.

Until the air was so thin he could hardly breathe. His wings became tough. His feathers grew sticky to the point he could not flap them. Before long, Albus could sense gravity grabbing his sore body and pulling him from the sky.

At first the fall was gentle like a feather, but it quickly intensified. He no longer was a bird born with hollow bones, he was a flaming rock plummeting from the sky.

Sparks of fire caught at his wings, as he fell, burning his beautiful white feathers. Horrifying screams escaped his beak.

The world spun into a blue and green blur, until all Albus could see was pitch black.

To be continued…

Other than writing serials, Amelia also writes novels, poetry, essays and blogs.